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Holiday! Celebrate!

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is the food!  Everyone with me on this?  I’m trying to prepare for my impending food-baby belly by being very careful not to overeat before Christmas gets here!  🙂

As someone with Celiac, though, there is one problem – parties/pot-lucks.   I USED to really look forward to seeing what creative specialties everyone brought to the table (literally), however, now it has become my most dreaded thought.  Is there going to be anything I can eat?  If so, which items CAN I eat?  Can I trust the home-made dishes when they SAY they are GF?  Do I really have to ask them for the list of ingredients for every dish?

I’ve learned the safest and easiest way to survive food-based parties is to follow my new eating motto – “When in doubt, leave it out!”  So, instead of being that pain-in-the-ass picky girl asking 50 bajillion questions about the food, I just quietly look for the salami and cheese cubes, and I always bring in a GF dessert that I know I can eat.  That way, I know there’s at least ONE thing I can eat safely…AND it allows me to focus on and enjoy the rest of the party and not have to obsess about just the food.  It’s worked so far, and it keeps me from over-indulging!

Food Buffet2

Dang it! Where are the cheese cubes???

So, in light of the many office pot-lucks and holiday parties that are starting to pop up on our calendars, here is a funny Celiac video to give you a laugh.  😀

Video – What Happens When you Tell People You Can’t Eat Gluten

And yes, I’ve met every single character in this video… several times.


Things I’m thankful for today:

1.  Beautiful poinsettias!  Thanks to my friend Christi, I have won pretty much any pissing contest regarding the biggest or most beautiful poinsettias in the office!  They are absolutely gorgeous!  Thank you Christi… 🙂


2.  My nail girl who gave me the cutest Christmas nails – all red, with one finger having a Santa belt on it.  🙂

3.  My Christmas stuff!  It’s been about 4 years since I’ve been able to put up my tree, so it was quite literally like Christmas opening up the boxes and going through all the goodies and decorations I had forgotten about.  With all the new stuff I’ve been able to add, I absolutely LOVE my tree now!

4.  Christmas sales.   I was able to stock up on a few cozy, cuddly sweaters at the mall the other day for an awesome bargain!

5.  For that matter, Christmas shopping!  I know I always brag about getting all my shopping done online to avoid the crowds, however there is something warm and fuzzy about being in the midst of all the hoopla.  The decorated windows, the random stocking-stuffer ideas at the cash register (offering things I never thought of), the Christmas music playing, the huge tree in the middle of the mall, the excitement of wondering if the gift I chose will bring a smile to that person’s face, the amazing sales… the amazing sales…


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