All [I] Need is Just a Little Patience (whistle…)


Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!

There’s an ad for an arthritis medication that says “a body in motion tends to stay in motion.”  This is so true!  For the past three years, I’ve had to put my “life” on hold so that I can focus on my health.  I guess you could say I was in “survival mode” because I was basically only doing what I had to do to keep myself living a somewhat normal life (if that was what you want to call “normal”!  Hahaha…).  Well, now that I’ve had my transplant and am feeling 200% better than I was, I’ve been biting at the chomp to get my life back!  I’m READY!  Bring it ON!  Let’s GO!!!


Yeah, that’s the deafening sound echoing in my ears right now… like I’m running full-speed ahead and I look back and realize that there’s no one behind me, everyone and everything is still sitting around at the starting line.  Come guys… catch up!!   I’ve had such high expectations for the success of this surgery, that I was expecting my life to go right back to normal as quickly as possible.  Instead, I’m realizing you can’t speed up Mother Nature’s process and it’s frustrating how s…l…o…w it’s taking for me to accomplish anything on my list of goals.

1.  I’ve been ready to jump back into my original career with both feet in… however, the internal process of my company isn’t ready for that to happen.

2.  I’m anxious to get my social life re-charged…but it takes time to get my networks connected again.

3.  I’m excited at being able to get my own place and independence again…but leases have to end before I can start a new one.

4.  I may be healthy again, but I don’t look anything like I used to… the meds take time to work their magic.

5.  And dating… forget it.  That’s actually one I’m NOT rushing into.  LOL!  Not ready to enter that grueling game until I’m positive I can strut my stuff with confidence.  🙂

It’s that “hurry up and wait” rule that drives me nuts.  I’ve been told I’m just impatient, and yes, I definitely am.  Truthfully, I need to keep reminding myself that it hasn’t even been a year since I had my transplant… I’m still, in essence, healing.

So now, I’m trying to keep my “body” in motion by making baby steps and hoping those baby steps turn into a nice strong run!  I’ve made a big attempt at volunteering and getting involved with various non-profit agencies that have not only introduced me to many very cool people, it’s also allowed me to network with contacts that add to my resume AND feel good doing something for the community at the same time!  Winning!  (Did I seriously just use a Charlie Sheen douche-quote just now?)   I’ve also made a choice to switch to a different Endocrinologist (for my diabetes) who is way more pro-active and thorough with his appointments.  It was heartbreaking to leave a team that I’ve been with for more than 20 years, but it’s turning out that this new doctor is exactly what I need!


My most recent volunteer event… helping to find a cure!


Volunteer selfie!


Lastly, the vain and selfish part of my transformation is also being taken care of.  🙂  I’ve talked to my doctors regarding my weight and hair issues, and unfortunately, I will be on Prednisone for life.  (It helps better protect against rejection.)  I did not realize I’d be fighting this beast of a pill forever!  Well, they are going to add a new medication called Victoza to my list which apparently helps diabetics lose weight and better control their sugars/insulin doses!  Sweet!  They also changed one of my anti-rejection meds to Neoral, which not only turns out to be better for me in the long-term, but has the added benefit of hair growth!  Problem is, it can grow anywhere (not just my head)… I may become the bearded lady, but at least I’ll have long flowing locks!  ;P  Of course, all this takes time to happen.

So, I guess I better start whistling some serious G and R and heed Axl’s words of advice…if only the song would hurry up and work!


Things I’m thankful for today:

1.  I’ve been able to bring my A1C down yet another point!  I’m down to a 7.6!  Yaaay me!

2.  New friends.  I attended a happy hour for the YADA group and met some very fun people!  So glad I was able to make the connections I did…can’t wait for the next one!

3.  I accidentally took a bite of a flour tortilla the other day…and did NOT get sick at all!  No nausea, no vomiting…nothing!  What???  Did my Celiac miraculously go away???  LOL!  One could only wish…

4.  On that same note, I think my lactose intolerance (which also usually comes hand-in-hand with Celiac) also seems to have disappeared!  I drank milk ALL weekend with no effects!  Yes, it’s definitely all about the small things in life.  LOL!

5.  Melanie Diaz…I forgot to mention you in my shout-outs for my Austin visit!  You have always been such a great friend…no matter how long we’ve gone with the miles between us, we always re-connect like it was just yesterday.  So greatful for you always being there!  😛

6.  Hopdoddy’s Hamburgers.  Not only do they have one of the best burgers I’ve tried in years, but they have the best GF bun I’ve had EVER!  I felt like I was eating real bread again!  Weeee!!!

7.  Las Vegas.  Not the city, but the opportunity.  I was asked to help work a tradeshow in Vegas (due to my experience), and being back on the floor amidst the chaos and attendees and sales reps… it was magical.  Like riding a bike, everything just instantly came back to me as if no time had passed and it just felt right.  Which only re-assured that I have made the right decision to continue my pursuit of returning.

7.  My common sense.  I just wish there were more of it to spread around to all the idiots I’m surrounded by (and the BS being spread) regarding all this Ebola crap.  Seriously people.  Cut it out.  You’re embarrassing yourself.  😉



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  1. Oh the joys of Prednisolone. Ive been on 5mg since 1999, which obviously jumped up with the transplant, now I will be on that amount forever. I just had a bone density scan which I was so super scared that it would come back saying my bones were stuffed but NO!!!! My bones are in relatively good shape considering, so all that walking and yoga does help. So, you can counteract some of the side effects. The main one for me is I suffer from insomnia on and off which is frustrating but I’m trying to be constructive in my ‘awake’ time, rather than get sad. Ive been sad for way too long in my life. Not sleeping is better than being on dials. You’re doing so well Roberta. Yep, it does take time but at least we can work towards a goal that involves real health. xx

    1. Maria, I totally hear ya! All of these side effects are NOTHING compared to what we went through pre-transplant, so I am not gonna complain…just going to continue fighting the annoyances. 🙂 I don’t get the insomnia as much anymore, thankfully, but when I did, my doc gave me temazapam to help. Reading also helps…puts me out like a light! 🙂 Glad to hear abt your bones! I’m totally enjoying seeing how happy and active you’ve been since your surgery! Live it up girl!! :D.

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