I’m gonna make a change…it’s gonna make a difference, gonna make it right!

I think I'll go to Boston...

I think I’ll go to Boston…

I finally made it!  My first trip post-transplant!  The trip I’ve been planning for 3 years now… and it was awesome!  🙂  In hindsight, once getting there and seeing how much walking we were doing, I can honestly say there was NO WAY I’d have made it while on dialysis.  First of all, there was just too much to do!  I would never have wanted to be in bed at 10pm to start my dialysis every night when the city was calling our name to come out and play!  Not only that, I would never have had the energy to make it through one day of walking much less three!  As it was, I’m in much better shape now and I was STILL getting exhausted by all the walking.  Hahaha…

Ironically, the thing that was my biggest hindrance was the Celiac.  I have only traveled once with it so far, and although it was a pain, we found ways around it.  The same can be said this time around, but I hate the thought of travel being so tedious.  Yes, the food issue is difficult and could’ve been a pain for everyone around me.  Thankfully, I have very cool, understanding, and accommodating friends who work with me on it.  However, I can think of at least twice when I was so nervous of getting glutened by a restaurant’s staff, I was prepared to not eat at all.  The stress of not knowing whether my peaceful lunch is going to send me home raging sick for the rest of the day/weekend is almost enough to ruin the entire meal!  Yes, it’s safer to not even chance it, but I’m not prepared to stop living by not taking chances.  Luckily, I never got sick, so I guess it was worth it!  🙂

Aside from the food, I’m going to have to get used to adjusting to older cities/buildings when I travel.   You know that  commercial where the woman is desperately looking for a bathroom everywhere she walks because she has IBS or something?    Well, at times, it can feel like that with Celiac.  Not just for the usual bathroom issues, but b/c when I get glutened, I have some serious projectile vomiting skills to display!  In Texas, there is a law that states all public restaurants/stores must have a public restroom… not so in Boston!  I don’t know if it’s to preserve the older/historic buildings, bad plumbing opportunities, or what, but I’d have been in deep kimshi had I gotten sick!  There were times I actually had to walk two blocks to the nearest bathroom…and even then, it was a single bathroom with a 15 minute wait!  Yikes!   I don’t know if it’s the same in other big cities or foreign cities, because I’ve never had to pay attention to that, but it’ll now have to be on my radar.  There’s GOTTA be an app for that!

Ok, so enough of the TMI bathroom talk, hee… I’m so glad I have no shame.  🙂  I actually do have some other good news to report.

– I’m finally free to go to the movies!  LOL!  Yes, I know, not a huge accomplishment, but I LOVE going to the movies, so it’s a good move for me.  Of course, now I’ve become a movie theater snob…only newer theaters that don’t have 2 inches of sludge on the floor.  haha…

–  I’m starting tennis lessons next week!  Yaay!  It’s been on my wish list the entire time I was “sick”, and I’m finally making it happen.   I’ve been doing yoga and working out at the gym, too, for the last few months and it feels great to be active again.  You know that Victoria’s Secret bikini future I had to give up because of my scars?  Well, they can kiss my soon-to-be fabulous tennis booty!   😉

–  I had a sonogram done on my kidney to look into that “flushing sound” my doctor heard in my kidney’s blood vessels.  It turned out to be nothing!  So, whatever he heard has apparently gone away or is not as big of a concern as he originally thought.  Loving that!

–  The best news though, came from my cardiologist.  I had a stress test done last month, and the results were surprising!  My doctor pulled me into his office to show me the images and said, “Look at that… that is a picture of a normal working heart!  You now have a normal-working, healthy heart!”  I could have cried.  I went from having 30% usage of my heart to a fully functional good heart in the span of 2 – 3 years!  He showed me where you could still see the damages of what had been done, but aside from that, it’s all good.  😀  Not only is this news exciting for me, it’s music to my ears to hear my doctors get excited about things like this!

So, folks, I’m almost the total package now!  hahaha…

The only side effect I’m dealing with now (aside from my overwhelming hunger lately) is that I’ve been losing a lot of hair.  It sheds all the time and my brushes are loaded with it!  I talked to the doctor and he said it’s a typical side-effect of some of the drugs.  Well, why am I just now having to deal with it if I’ve been on these meds for the last 7 months?  I started taking Biotin to help with it, though, so hopefully now, I can add voluptuous, flowing hair to my “total package” soon.  LOL!  As long as I don’t lose my voluptuous, flowing eyebrows… I just got them started again, and I’m not ready to lose them yet!  😀

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend!


Things I’m thankful for today:

1.  Simone, for being so thoughtful and ordering GF pastries for Kameron’s welcome back party so I can participate in the fun!  🙂

2.  James, for buying GF crackers for HIS birthday picnic so I could have some of the dips they were sharing!  So thoughtful!

3.  Steve for being such an amazing friend and for showing me all the fun stuff in Boston!  Love you!  Can’t WAIT to go back!

4.  FindMeGlutenFree app – for helping me find something to eat in a new city I wasn’t familiar with.

5.  Medication, patience and my cardiologist – for saving my heart!

6.  My family in NJ – so glad my parents were able to get away and have such a good time with ya’ll!  Wish we could be out there more often!

7.  Cabs – for saving my screaming calves on the last day of my Boston trip.  Maybe I just need to find some shorter friends I can keep up with.  hee… just kidding Steve!  😉

8.  My friends – Several years ago, a group of my friends confronted me about the fact I wasn’t sharing my health/kidney progress with them.  I answered by writing this blog, and it forced me to share some of the most personal issues and thoughts I was/am dealing with.  It has caused me to be so incredibly and unapologetically open-minded about pretty much everything (not just my health) now.  It’s helped me become more empathetic to what pain OTHERS are going through, less self-centered, and less protective about my emotions.  True friends do that…they help you become a better person and I love them for that.  Life is too short, and it feels good to share.  🙂



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