Santa baby, please slip a [kidney] under the tree for me…

As I crawl out of my igloo of ice left over from what everyone is calling the “Dallas Ice-ocolypse”, I feel as if I’m scrambling to get all my “end of the year” items checked off the list…Christmas shopping, Christmas decorating, Christmas parties/office team building events, etc.  Of course, that also means trying to get all my doctor’s appointments taken care of, as well, before I have to pay next year’s deductible.  🙂  No worries, though, my doctors have all decided that right now is the best time to see me anyway… I’ve had at least 3 doctors appointments every single week, and sometimes more.  I can’t wait for the day when I will not be poked and prodded!

As for the bigger “procedures” I’ve got going on right now… I’m waiting to get two wisdom teeth pulled.  I thought I had them all pulled back when I was in high school, but when I started having some major pain in my jaw, my dentist told me I had two teeth still coming in!  What??  Who knew??   I also had my second laser surgery on my eye this week.  It was a bit more painful than the first one, but I think I’m done with it for now.  I told the doctor I didn’t have much improvement since the last surgery was done, and he told me that I wouldn’t normally have any improvement…that the surgery was mainly a preventative procedure to keep my vision from getting worse.  Oh.  Well, ok, I’ll roll with that.  Would have been nice to know beforehand, though, as I’m desperately convincing myself that the TV really DID look clearer and I didn’t REALLY need my glasses as much… LOL!

Lastly, I had my liver biopsy last week.  After having a needle literally hammered into my ribs…without sedation (and that’s all I’m going to say about that), I’ve learned that they did not find anything of concern.  Although, I’m extremely thankful that this is the case, I feel it has taken WAY too long to figure this out (6 months) and has really dragged this transplant decision out longer than I care for.  I still have to meet with the doctor to discuss what they were able to find, but that won’t be until January.  I seriously hope they don’t have to wait for me to have this appointment before they can present me to the transplant committee again!  (Just a reminder:  this committee meeting is going to determine whether I can become “active” on the waiting list again or not…which would allow me to move forward with the transplant.)

In the meantime, I will patiently wait for Santa to nudge the Transplant committee into action while I pop my hydrocodon to numb my throbbing jaw.  I think I’ll spend this time trying to find a yummy GF breakfast recipe for Christmas morning… something soft that doesn’t require too much chewing…


Things I’m thankful for today:

1.  During the ice storm, we luckily did not lose our power and no one I know had to suffer.  Although we had a tree literally fall on my new car, there luckily was not a single scratch/dent made!!!  Also, the tree people were able to pull the remaining part of the tree down before it fell down onto the house.  Now our front yard is a bit more bare, but at least we’re safe!

2. Pho.  In my search to find soups I like, I’ve discovered Vietnamese food…and now I can’t get enough of it!  Since I can no longer have some of my fave Chinese dishes, I’m thankful I have a close alternative that I like just as much.  Now, I’m hungry…

3.  Amazon’s Wishlist.  Makes Christmas shopping SOOOOO easy!

4.  My dad.  He is always there for us, is constantly putting others before himself, and is so full of unconditional love.  I’m thankful that he’s finally taking the time to take care of his own health issues so that we can have him around longer.  🙂


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  1. OMG Biopsy;s are the worst 😦 The doctors really have no idea how invasive they are. Glad your liver is fine. Even though we all knew it would be. Patience is a virtue! x

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