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What do you get when you put together several hundred people to watch a football game, hang out with friends, drink and shut down the bar until they are putting the decorations away?  A college party?  No, how about a bunch of alumni living it up for the weekend, trying to pretend like they were still in college?  LOL!  Frankly, I’m shocked that you would think I would include myself in that group…hee… Actually, I was describing myself to a TEE!  I went to Austin two weekends ago, and had a BLAST getting to see my friends (whatever little time I actually got to spend with them).  I was even able to visit with friends I hadn’t seen in almost 13 years!  It’s crazy how much time has flown by!  Where did it all go??  There is something about going back to your old stomping grounds and revisiting old haunts, stories and people that just re-energizes your spirit!  It really did feel, at times, as if I was that young college student again.  Of course, the second I started walking up and down the campus hills, reality slapped me in the face and said, “uh… honey, you’re getting old!”  LOL!

The view from the alumni section...

The view from the alumni section…

As I mentioned, I did not get to march in the alumni half-time show with everyone else due to my inability to be really physically active right now, I wouldn’t have the stamina to last even if I tried.  However, I did get to march down from the music hall and up to the stadium with everyone (I had to break away and take the elevator up to our nose-bleed section of the stadium while everyone else got to march up the ramps…).  A cool video of the alumni marching up the ramps was taken by a fan and posted on Youtube if you want to check it out here.   As fun as it was to be back in the middle of it all, I did feel very left out.  It was not the same just sitting and playing in the stands… I wanted to be back in the ACTION of it!  To be on the field, in front of thousands of people with my best friends next to me being a part of history (we apparently had the largest group this year – more than 700 people in alumni alone!).  Instead, I sat and watched everyone else do it and listened to their excitement and exhaustion of completing their accomplishment.  I know I’ll be able to be back there with the group the next time we decide to join in, long after I’ve gotten my new kidney and have (hopefully) returned to normal again…it was just a bittersweet moment I felt I needed to share in my experience.  Oh, and as for the travel part with dialysis…again…it went totally smooth!  Yay!

On another note, I had my CT scan this morning.  The transplant team wanted to take a closer look at the spot they found on my liver, so I had to go in for a CT scan where they had to inject a contrast/dye into my blood vessels to get a better idea of what is going on.  After having two IV’s shoved into my arm (the first one failed… they said they couldn’t get the needle through my “tough” skin…a thought that literally almost made me vomit.  I think they just hit some scar tissue since I’ve had so many blood labs drawn), they took several scans, pushed the contrast through and did several more scans.  I’ll tell you, that contrast is not a comfortable feeling!  Once it goes through the veins, it feels like an extremely warm “flush” passing over your body, which I would normally welcome, but the quickness of it made me almost panic b/c it felt as if something was going wrong.  Not only that, but once it gets down to your waist, it literally feels as if you’re wetting your pants!  You aren’t, it just feels that way, and they warn you about it beforehand, so you know it’s coming, but you can’t help but think…wait… did I just pee in my pants right here on the scanning table?!?!  LOL!   Of course, due to all this TRAUMA I was placed under (not really) and the INTENSE stress I was feeling (this is me being a smart-ass), I felt my soul needed some pampering, so I made sure to stop by Taco Casa on the way to work.  🙂  Not that I really needed an excuse to go…

I should, hopefully, find out the results of this scan tomorrow.  Hopefully, all’s normal and I can become active on the list very, very soon!  I’ll keep you posted!


Things I’m thankful for today:

1.  The move into our new house is finally complete!  For the most part… at least we don’t have to do any more driving back and forth from one house to the other…

2.  The far-fetched rumor that there might be a Taco Casa being built 5 mins from my office is true!!  The Lewisville location is coming soon!  Woohoo!!

3.  My cousin Barbara Ann in NJ is having success with her chemo treatments!  I pray that they continue to work so she can beat this battle for the second time!

4.  The ability to see and hang out with my awesome family and friends in Austin.  I miss ya’ll!


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