Hungry Like the Wolf

I made it!  My first trip out in more than a year, with all my awesome health obstacles to work around, and I’m proud to say that it went extremely smooth!!  I was really worried that traveling with my dialysis was going to be a huge pain in the rear, but I was pleasantly surprised!  The suitcase for the cycler was a hardcase, so I was able to check it…and just a note for anyone who cares, airlines will typically let you check medical luggage for free!  My dialysis fluids arrived at the hotel before I even got there, and we were able to set up in the room with no problem at all.  I had to laugh at all the “equipment” I had to pack, though.  You’d have thought I was going on a month-long vacation with the weight we had to carry!  hee…

I was also pretty impressed with the gluten issue.  Yes, it was difficult to know the world’s best pizza was right under my nose…and I couldn’t have one bite.  HOWEVER, we were able to satisfy my gluten anxiety with some alternatives.  Not only did we make daily trips to the grocery store for my weird and random daily salami cravings (do not insert perv jokes here), but we actually had some luck finding restaurants who were accommodating!  My biggest surprise was at a very nice Italian restaurant we went to (ok, so our NJ family took over the entire restaurant).  The head guy (chef?  Owner?) came out and pulled me aside to ask if I was “the one with Celiac”.  After confirming, he told me he had arranged a special menu for me and even brought out the package of gluten free pasta he was going to use for my approval!  Since I couldn’t have the tomato sauce everyone else was eating, he said he “had” to use fresh tomatoes and basil for my dish… well, if I “HAD” to have the fresh option, I guess you could twist my arm.  😉  Honestly, I bet my pasta tasted better than everyone else’s!  I only had one bad food day, and ironically it was on my way home when the airport and the flight had extremely limited choices for me…I ended up making it through the day on guacamole, cheese cubes and grapes.  I was able to stuff my face at home with lots of Mexican food, though, so it’s all good.

These crack me up!!!

These crack me up!!!

I also started work this week, too!  I have to say, it’s been good being back and being productive again.  My brain is saying “THANK YOU!” right now as I focus on the new promotions and products our company has compiled since I left in January.  I am having to get used to a few obstacles, though, that I had forgotten about.  First, the stairs.  I have not been active for so long, that going up one flight of stairs causes me to wheeze.  However, I work on the 3rd floor, and our stairs are notoriously and misleadingly steep.  The first day I had to use them, I was pretty much crawling back to my desk looking for an oxygen tank!  LOL!  (Makes me EXTREMELY excited for that treadmill stress test I have to do next week… ugh)  Secondly, the food.  I had forgotten how much “glutened” food haunts our office!  Not only do people leave free donuts on tables for you to munch on, but our “lunch provided” meetings are usually pizza and sandwiches.  Guess I need to get in the habit of keeping an extra lunch stashed in my desk for those moments.  I lucked out yesterday when we had a pizza meeting – fortunately, I had made a lunch that morning so I had something to eat!  Good times…

As for the beans… I actually had two more offers for kidney donations while in NJ!  One was a woman I don’t even know (friend of the family), the other was a cousin.  Not sure how far they’ll make it in the screening, but it was very touching to hear how quickly they jumped at the opportunity.  No hesitation on either of them!  I’m very blessed to be surrounded by such amazing and generous people!  My sister teases me because it’s literally the one thing that instantly makes me tear up.  I can not talk, much less think, of anyone who donates without completely going into full-on choked up, puffy eyed, can’t speak mode.   If I was a movie actress, I’d have a total Oscar-winning resource for all my tear-jerker scenes!  Anne Hathaway could eat my dust.  😉  And for those wondering what’s up with my results with Glenn, we are still waiting to find out the results for our compatibility.  I’m pretty sure we’ll know by the end of the week.  I also have an appt with my blood specialist doctor to find out what’s up with these blood clots!  I would love to hear that they made a mistake and that I don’t have the clots at all!  Then, I could get off these Cumadin pills and stop fearing for my life every time I see a sharp edge!  (Yes, they did put the fear of God into me by saying a paper cut could make me bleed to death on these pills… but it’s really not that serious.  It just takes me two hours and a half box of tissues before it clots!  LOL!)


Things I’m thankful for today:

1.  My family… immediate and extended.  They are amazing.  🙂

2.  My desk.  In a weird way, it cheers me up.   On that note, so do my coworkers…so good to see them again!

3.  My “show” shoes (extra cushy for when I worked tradeshows).  They’ve helped me transition back in to wearing heels again.  LOL!

4.  I heard a rumor that Taco Casa will be opening up really close to my office!!!  Hells yeah!!!!

5.  Carm, Jen, Mike and Ken for being such good friends, and going out of their way making my first BBQ with Celiac worry-free!!  I had so much fun… miss ya’ll already!!  😦

6.  Being called a “fashionista” despite all that I’m having to deal with “on the inside”.  Guess the makeup is working!  LOL!

7.  That our kittie, Paulie, hopefully has an answer to HIS inside issues.  Poor thing.

8.  New technology!  So smooth… so pretty…My old cel phone was seriously getting outdated.  Now, I don’t have to take the battery out every time I want to open a new app!  hahaha…


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