Here I go again on my own…(well, not really)

What’s more fun than sailing the ocean blue in a private yacht with Ryan Reynolds and Conan O’Brian?  Why, going to the hospital, of course!  Yes, I kid…and yet, I can’t seem to get enough of them.  I am, once again, sitting in a hospital gown, allowing people to shove huge needles up my arm, while trying to get comfortable with wires strapped to my chest.  Alas, it’s not actually my kidneys putting me here this time, but my heart.  Early this morning, I woke up to really sharp pains in my chest.  At first, I was going to brush it off as random growing pains or something (right…even tough I’m almost 40. LOL!), but when it didn’t go away an hour later, and knowing my history, I decided not to take a chance that I’d be ignoring what could be another heart attack.  So, to Plano Heart Hospital I go!

The good news is that the tests say it probably wasn’t a heart attack. (Whew!)  Bad news is they still want to monitor me overnight b/c of my history.  As I’ve said before, though, I’d rather them be safe than sorry.

To add to this latest drama, I’ve had another site infection to my catheter, so I can’t get cleared for my kidney until THAT goes away.  Ugh!  I’m beginning to wonder if this will ever happen!  What’s more frustrating about this latest setback is that I don’t understand why this keeps happening.  My ONLY goal right now is getting this kidney, so I’ve been following all instructions to the book!  As hard as I’ve fought to make this happen, I’m absolutely not going to mess this up!  Some of my doctors, however, are doubting me and it’s really testing my patience.  I get that there are some patients who might not be able to take care of themselves properly, or who don’t want to, but that’s not me!  So, I keep on keepin’ on and continue fighting back every time they question me.  I don’t have an answer for why I keep having issues and why some never do…but it is what it is and all we can do is deal with each challenge as it comes.  I just hope it doesn’t last much longer…


What I’m thankful for today:

1. That my heart was a good boy…

2. For the amazing spring break weather we’ve been having this week. FABulous!  Especially for my bday!  🙂

3.  That if I’m going to be staying overnight at a hospital, at least it’s in a celebrity-worthy suite of a room!  You should see this place!  It’s like a hotel!  (I swear each time it seems nicer than the last…this one has a TUXEDO-attired guy delivering their food. What???)


4 responses

  1. I love you, Berta! Take care of yourself!!

    1. Thanks Christi! Love you back!

  2. Hey Berta

    Happy Birthday! Keep your chin up hun. Remember to keep that vision of a healthier you. Everything is OK with me except for high BP and not knowing why. So frustrating but staying postitive and plugging away at the bags. I start training next week for APD so all the anticipation I have at the mo is what i’ll be doing with all the time i’ll have on my hands!! Might have to get another little job maybe…nooooooo. Honestly, ive been enjoying having energy for a change and going to the beach every day off. We are having an endless summer down here. I am still not on the list as they want to exhaust all potential living donors first which is taking so bloody long. I dont undersatnd why they wont put me on the list aswell, but like you, I have to trust them. Remember, your not alone.All the best Berta xx

    1. Oh, I’m so glad the PD is working for you!!! And I love that you’re able to be back on the beach! 😀 Are you still doing manuals or are you on the cycler? I seriously feel that if dialysis has to take place, PD is the way to go. You really do have more freedom! It’s all the infections I hate…But I’m trying to stay strong! Ya’ll definitely keep me motivated. 🙂 Wish we were closer to the ocean here…we’re pretty much land-locked.

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