It’s poetry in motion.

Woohoo!  The holidays are here!  (Come on now… I know I’m not the ONLY one out here wearing a goofy grin, reindeer sweater with blinking lights on it and elf-like stockings to work!  What?  You mean that’s not normal???  And you thought I was serious… heh… cricket.)   I truly do feel like there is something magical happening during the holidays, and  it’s something you can actually visibly see.  People seem happier and friendlier, houses get homier, cities get more cheerful, and the overall mood of just getting up in the morning gets a bit easier.  🙂  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I have noticed a lot of people posting their daily “thanks” on Facebook.  I thought of jumping on that bandwagon, but realized, I’ve been doing it all along publicly on my blog!  No need to change a thing… hee!  Although I will try to extend my list today to make sure I cover all bases…

I feel as if things are finally moving along with the transplant!  I had an appt with my Cardiologist last week, and he said he sent in my clearance for the kidney transplant!  WOOHOO!  He did say that he was going to need to speak to the committee on my behalf to get approval for the pancreas though.  He said there were a lot of issues they need to consider not only with the surgery, but with the post-operative directions as well.  The good news is, since my heart has been healing so well, he didn’t think I’d need a by-pass surgery now!  YEEEHAW!  The only reason he’d need to do it would be if it was necessary to get the pancreas approved.  I have to admit, I was a little more nervous than I let on about the bypass surgery… not because I didn’t have total faith in the team performing it, but because I was so unsure of some of the scars afterward, and the idea of having yet another big surgery on my horizon.  That’s a lot of healing and hospital time… and hospital food.  Ugh.  (For those that had to witness what a diabetic/renal diet looks like at the hospital, can you imagine how appetizing it’s going to be when you throw in the gluten-free too???  So done.)

So for the last week, I’ve been communicating back and forth with my transplant coordinator to find out what the status is of my surgery, and she said that our next steps are to get the approval of the committee to make me active on the kidney list again, and to get the approval for the pancreas.  They have a committee meeting on Nov. 30th to discuss it, and if my cardiologist can’t make it, they will have two more in Dec.  Since it’s very possible that I get a call for the kidney soon, I didn’t want to take the chance of getting a call and having to turn it down b/c I haven’t received approval of the pancreas yet.  So, I’ve decided that I wanted them to hold off making me active until they know the results of whether I can get the pancreas or not.  I’d rather get both at the same time and have one big surgery vs. two, and reap the benefit of both being from the same body (less rejection when that happens).  This means a bit more of a wait, but good things come to those who do!  🙂

I hope all of you have a very filling and happy Thanksgiving with your family and best friends!


What I’m thankful for today:

1.  That I’m surrounded by my family for the holidays.
2.  (Austin) Jen’s coming to visit!!  Woohoo!
3.  Online shopping for Christmas…almost done, and I never had to deal with the annoying Black Friday crowds!
4.  My car’s 10 years old and still driving like a champ.
5.  Making new friends in far away places who are experiencing the same things I am.  Shout out to Oz!  😉
6.  My amazing support system (I told you, I can’t mention you guys enough!).  I love you and don’t know what I’d do without you!
7.  My coworker, Laura, who helped me get through what could have been the most embarrassing/humiliating moment of my life!
8.  Chocolate milk.   Oh how I love thee…
9.  That I’m not the only one in my family who doesn’t care for turkey.  I know… we’re so un-American.  😉

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