How soon is now???

So, for those of you who were wondering how my colon-/endoscopy went last week… I guess everything came out alright!  Hee… Yes.  I went there.  Oldest joke in the book.    Seriously, though, all went as smooth as you could expect.  I haven’t heard anything from them regarding results, but I’m confident that there won’t really be anything much to report.  If there is, I hope it’s something that is very easily (and quickly) fixed!  What caught me off guard was the fact that they had to use a special drug to knock me out b/c the usual stuff would have been too harsh on my heart.  I was shocked when the anesthesiologist told me that after reviewing the notes from my cardiologist, she had to make that decision b/c I only had 30% usage of my heart!  I know he had told me that I only had 30% pulse strength in my heart beat, so to hear her phrase it the way she did put a new spin on it.  I guess they both mean the same thing if you sit back and think about what the heart is actually doing, but it was still a shock to me.

Other than that, I don’t have much else to report!  I’ve just been killing time with etiquette classes and the Dallas Cowboys!  haha… I’m sure the etiquette instructor would absolutely DIE knowing I was discussing exams of the nether region in a public forum.  😀   I still haven’t heard anything regarding that dye we’re waiting for (for the heart testing), and my next appt with the cardiologist isn’t for another couple of weeks.  I am getting a bit anxious to get active again.  I’ve told my sister that I’m really wanting to start tennis lessons!  I guess being forced to be so in-active has lit a fire under my feet that has caused me to get a little fidgety…I just have to get the clearance from my doc to say it’s ok to start!  Otherwise, I’d be giving my tennis instructor a new level of stress with every fall I make!  LOL!  Can you imagine?  “Oh don’t mind me…but, if I trip and go into a cardiac arrest, just make a quick call to 911.  Ok?  Great, thanks.”

I want to take a moment to thank everyone again for your amazing support!  I hear from you that my blogs have helped educate some of you and created a bit of awareness to a new side of this situation that some have never seen.  I’m glad.  I’ve often questioned why I had to be the one to get this, and what the reasonings were for my suffering… and I know this sounds cheesy and completely clichéd, but maybe it was supposed to happen so that I could help educate at least one person on all of this.  Maybe it’s b/c I’m supposed to help put a more human view on a very clinical issue we always just hear about.  Maybe it was a strange way for me to reconnect with those I’m most close to.  This would not have been my most ideal way of going about it, granted, but I guess it’s worked!  🙂  And although it appears that I’m helping you in some small way, you are absolutely helping ME in a HUGE way!  So, thank you for all the amazing things you have said to me!  Your words are truly inspiring!  🙂


What I’m thankful for today:

1.  Rainy days – for making flat, limp hair look wavy and cool!

2.  Spotify – for helping my day go by quicker

3.  Kameron, Veronica and Christi – for having the most fun and crazy dinner conversations. (hee…)


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  1. Stay strong, we love you Berta!

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