Modern Love…

Some people develop close relationships with their girl/guy next door.  Some channel their passions into a football team.  Others harbor strong emotions for a really good glass of wine.  I’m in love.  With my cycler.  hahaha… At this point, you’re literally throwing things at the computer screen yelling “Berta…GET OUT MORE!!!”  Yes, I digress.  If this blog was about sharing all my deepest and darkest secrets, I’d have a much bigger audience…or so I’d hope.  Alas, we’ll just stick to the original formula and I’ll gladly take all hurled tomatoes. 😉

Seriously, though.  Never have I been so enamored by an inanimate object than I am right now with this machine!  I think the last time I’ve felt this way about a piece of metal was when I bought my first car… all shiny, new and all mine!  And I’m STILL driving it ten years later in what has become my longest lasting love affair.  hee…  😛  Of course, I’m hoping my infatuation with my cycler ends up as more of a fling… I really don’t think I’m ready to settle down for life tied to this machine, but I will swoon over the many things I love about it!  In fact, here’s an ode I’ve written to the new machine in my life…

Silent, next to me

You clean, lift, you gratify

Me and my kidneys.

Ok, that was more of a haiku than an ode… and I guess it doesn’t really delve into why I am so happy about it.  I love that it makes my days more normal (which is a pretty big plus for me right now!).  I love that it does all my work for me while I sleep.  I love that I can barely hear it while it’s pumping away!  I love that it’s so complicated it makes me feel like I’m a genius every time I have to hook it up!  😉  I love that it’s ugly beige color blends in to the wall so it doesn’t stand out.  I will say, though, the many many boxes of fluid make me feel like I’m forever in a state of moving!  They’re literally stacked up in every open corner of our house!   This will require some negotiation in our relationship if this machine is going to be sticking around for awhile…

I forgot to mention, I’ve got an exciting day in store tomorrow!  I’m scheduled to have an endoscopy and a colonoscopy.  Anyone want to trade with me?  🙂  Part of the reason I’m having these done is b/c I’ve had some stomach issues that haven’t gone away.  However, because of all my fun history, they want to be as thorough as possible when diagnosing the problem.  Not only that, but this group works very closely to the transplant team and they want to make sure that I get a perfectly clean bill of health when it’s time for approvals again (which they have to get every time something unusual shows up or puts a hold in the process).  So, rather than just taking a few blood samples and calling it a day, they want to put me through the ringer. Never a dull day in my world, eh?  Maybe I’ll be able to spout out new lyrics to the doc when I’m all drugged up!  An ode to my… no.  I think I’ll pass on that one.


What I’m thankful for today:

1.  Board games – good times pre-technology!

2.  Sparkly things – for making a trip to the mall more exciting.  Wait…what’s THAT?  (yes, I’m that girl)

3.  Hanging out with friends.  Whether it’s going to plain old Taco Bueno for lunch, painting a picture that looks nothing like it’s supposed to, or being the only ones laughing in a movie theater… you make it priceless.  🙂


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