Wooohoo!!  I’ve accomplished a small, but great step in my journey of kidney-land!  Today I completed my two-day training on the cycler!  “What’s a cycler?” you ask?  Well, friend, let me tell you.  The cycler is the very machine that will give me back my freedom.  It is a dialysis machine, about the size of a printer, that will help do my dialysis exchanges overnight instead of having to do them throughout the day manually.   Now, when I go to bed, I just hook up to this machine, and it will be programmed to do all the work for me!  I can now sleep in again!  I can go to happy hours without rushing home!  I can work late and not have to carry all of the exchanges to work anymore!  Wait… am I really getting excited about working late?  😉

I was reminded that I will still have to do an afternoon exchange at work, but I’m ok with that.  I can eat while doing it, so I’m not really losing any “work” time…ahhh…life is starting to feel a bit more normal again.


What I’m thankful for today:

1.  Modern technology – where would I be w/out the advances right now???

2.  My sister – for being a rockstar!

3.  My parents – thanks for letting me borrow your “truck”.  I couldn’t have fit all this stuff in my itty bitty car.

4.  My hairstylist, Robert – for always making me look like a fashion model, even when I don’t feel like one.  🙂


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