My cardiologist has read my mind, and he has delivered…a plan!   Aaaaaaahhhh…FINALLY a plan!!!   Not only did he lay it out for me, but he gave me worst-case scenarios so I wouldn’t have any surprises.  Yes, we will work out just fine.  😉

So, after going over my BP numbers for the last month, I’m thinking that this medication he put me on wasn’t working, but he thought they looked good!  (Which is exactly why I’m not a doctor, folks!)   However, my pulse is still racing, so he quadrupled the medication and said he wanted to give that a month to work.  In the meantime, he wants to get me in for another Stress Test – but this time he wants to do a chemically-induced Stress Test vs. the treadmill version.  The one problem with that is that there is a world-wide shortage for the dye they need to use for me (a special type that doesn’t damage the kidneys – even though they are pretty much dead already…ha!).  Who knew that many people needed stress tests!  hee… He said he’d wait no more than 4 more weeks (we’ve already been waiting a month) and then he’d use an alternative dye that he’d prefer not to use.

After that, he wants me to get another heart cath to evaluate the damage done, and determine if and when I’ll need surgery.  So, I’m thinking this whole process will probably last about 2 months tops.  I hope it doesn’t take much longer than that…I’m ready to get this show on the road!   I was too afraid to ask about the transplant, since I knew he’d tell me not to even think about it.  He keeps telling me that I’m no longer a “kidney patient” (those pesky labels), but am now a serious “heart patient”, and since I have my dialysis to hold me over for my kidney, and nothing to back me up for my heart, that’s where my attention needs to be right now.  It’s hard to keep shifting my focus from one organ to another.  I wish it was just one I needed to work on instead of three!

In the meantime, he said he’s glad I’m not managing events any more since he knows the stress involved and doesn’t want me to cause that kind of stress to my heart.  I’m also not really allowed to workout right now since that would do further damage (vs. strengthening it as I had thought it might).  Sigh…so now, my PD catheter in my stomach prevents me from lifting more than 15 pounds, and I can’t do anything aerobic, so I’m just… sedentary?  Either I’m going to fatten up a bit (which some people think I need anyway), or whither away to sticks.  LOL!  Of course, I say that as if I’ve been a hoss at the gym, which I haven’t even entered for two years, so what am I really complaining about?  😉

This week, I’ve got three more Dr’s appts – Endocrinologist, Nephrologist and Dermatologist, then I’m done for at least another two weeks.  Good times!  I do have to put this out there… I am extremely thankful that my employer and my supervisors have all been working with me on my many, many appointments!  I can think of several people who didn’t have such luck, and I know how lucky I am.  Thank you E!  You are absolutely essential in making this whole thing possible for me.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I’ll chat again soon!


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  1. Cyndi Hendrickson | Reply

    Why doesn’t he want to do the treadmill test? Seems easier, faster, & safer for your kidneys…

    1. I believe he has more control of this version. This sounds silly, but I wasn’t able to stay on the treadmill very long b/c they kept raising the incline and I didn’t have anything to hold on to. LOL! The chemical version will probably give him a longer amount of time to work with? My guess…

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